About Us
Elite Fabrication is a welding & custom fabrication shop serving Mills, Evansville, Casper, Bar Nunn, Glenrock & beyond.

Elite Fabrication was founded on the desire to build the highest quality products around.

With a true passion for welding and fabrication all industries are targeted. We aim to be a household name, with familiarity in the community. Although we primarily focus on the oil and gas industry, Casper is our home and we want to be a part of our community.

15+ Years of Industry Experience

After 15 years in the commercial and industrial construction and welding industry, Elite Fabrication was created to share their professional pride through their products. We are not limited to a single industry. We happily serve residential, commercial, and industrial customers. With a commitment to quality and innovation we will tackle any project that comes our way with pride. 

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See photos of past projects completed by Elite Fabrication and learn more about our welding & fabrication capabilities. 

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